Mold Testing in Tucson, Arizona

Clients are often confused about mold testing and mold inspection. If you have any similar concerns, call us to get in touch with a representative and resolve your queries.

Typically, mold testing involves taking surface samples from your home to determine the kind of mold that is growing in the area.

Although you can use home testing kits, it’s far better to leave this job to professional Tucson, Arizona mold testing service providers for the following reasons:

  • You need carefully controlled conditions to perform a mold test, which is not always possible at home. Due to this, your results will not be accurate.
  • The mold growing in your home differs from the spores that come in through the window or with your shoes. But since the environment in your home is not controlled, these spores will also show up in the test results as false positives.
  • At the moment, there are no EPA guidelines about the acceptable mold quantity in a household. So, you don’t have a standard to check your results against.

Instead, if you hire one of our network partners for mold testing of your Tucson, Arizona property, they’ll assess the severity of the situation from our expertise and professional insight.

Although there are different methods of mold testing, our network normally uses the following three sample types:

  • Bulk Samples: These samples include a surface physically removed from your house and sent for testing.
  • Tape Samples: Our partners press a clear piece of tape on the sampling area and remove it. The tape picks up mold and mold spore. It’s then sent for testing in a lab.
  • Swap Samples: Sometimes, they also use a cotton swab and rub it against a surface to pick up the mold growing there as a sample for testing.

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